Do you want to open your farm to tourists?

Do you want to open your farm to tourists?
Photo: Leikny Havik Skjærseth - Visit Norway

AgriStay is the natural meeting place for people looking for farm stays and providers of authentic farm experiences! 

Farm vacations and farm stays are about much more than just a place to sleep. Staying on a farm is an experience in itself! It is the dissemination of tradition and culture, providing a fantastic opportunity to experience Norway through local activities and close proximity to nature. Agritourism is also a sustainable way of traveling that benefits the local community.

AgriStay aims to become the best booking site for farm stays in Norway!

We have designed our booking platform in a way that is intuitive for travelers and follows established standards for accommodation bookings. No other website makes it as easy to find and book a farm stay on a specific date, based on the customer's needs and desired experiences. At AgriStay, travelers can easily search among different farms, filter by activities, and find which farms are available at a particular time. Additional services such as breakfast or purchasing farm products can be added, and payment can be made immediately using the most common credit cards and payment methods. AgriStay is connected to Stripe for secure online payments.

AgriStay is the only booking platform that exclusively promotes farm stays

This is because the authentic farm experience is something unique and worth highlighting! However, farms can be so diverse that it is sometimes difficult to know what to expect when looking at a screen. Therefore, we prioritize quality in photos, accurate descriptions, and useful tools to help travelers easily find a farm that suits their preferences.

Benefits of being associated with AgriStay

  1. Global visibility. Your farm will be visible, searchable, and easy to book for anyone interested in agrotourism and farm vacations. Research shows that there are over 7 million agrotourists worldwide from more than 200 different countries.

  2. No registration fee. Creating a profile with us incurs no costs. It is only when the customer books an overnight stay via AgriStay that a fee for mediating the accommodation is incurred. In other words, if it does not work, you will not pay anything.

  3. No exclusivity. We do not ask you to limit yourself to our booking site or to allocate a certain number of rooms to us. You can continue to receive bookings through other channels you use today. Our booking calendar can be synced with other online booking calendars so you avoid double bookings.

  4. You get customers who are especially interested in the experience of staying on a farm. Experiences around the stay provide an added value that can be converted into additional sales (activities on the farm, farm shop, etc.). If you wish, additional products can be added so that the customer can order and pay already at booking.

  5. We free up time that is currently used for administration. By standardizing and making all necessary information available, and by making the process of booking and paying super easy, we simplify the decision-making process for the customer. The time usually spent on communication prior to a potential booking is reduced, as is administration afterwards. Our booking platform can also communicate with calendars from other booking platforms, to ensure that your availability is always up to date. Less time in front of the PC means you get some time back - you're welcome!

  6. Secure payment. We give you the opportunity to ensure that you get paid in advance of the overnight stays. This simplifies the payment process for both you and the customer and reduces the risk of "no show" and non-payment.

  7. You can expect an increase in the number of bookings, even outside the high season.

    -We make information and booking available to a foreign audience. This means that there will be bookings beyond what is traditionally the high season in Norway.

    -There are no other Norwegian booking sites specialized in farm vacations where guests can find and book farm accommodation as quickly and easily.

    -Your excess capacity will be visible to guests who book at short notice.

  8. Freedom to define your own terms. You define your prices, cancellation terms, minimum nights, etc. based on your own strategy and local competition... but if you wish, we are happy to share our knowledge and best practice on what works. Additionally, we can offer tools that help you calculate your earnings after taxes and fees, ensuring you have a constant overview of your financial performance.

What do we expect from farms connected to AgriStay?

There is a great breadth in what is offered from farm to farm. We see a potential in standardizing elements around farm accommodation as a concept, and enforcing a minimum standard for what the customer can expect from a farm accommodation. Having travelled and lived on farms abroad, we have a clear idea of what makes a good experience for a tourist who is looking for a unique farm experience,. For this reason we ask farms registered with us to follow a few simple principles:

  • The farms commits to keeping information about their availability and capacity up to date so that the customer can complete a quick and flexible booking. This is a critical success factor so that together we can reach as many customers as possible, which in turn will lead to more overnight stays for the farms.

  • Quality in images and text. We have a standard for images and text used on our site. The photos don't have to be professional, but they have to be good! If you find that you need help to snap better photos, we can put you in touch with photographers who are skilled at photographing interiors and exteriors. We can also help elevate a text to become more inspiring if you feel there is a potential for doing so. Just give us call or send an email - we are here to help!

  • The price for accommodation always includes bedding and towels, that the guest will arrive to a ready-made bed, and that the final cleaning is included in the price. This is the standard for farm stays in leading markets like Italy, but it is also key to reaching a broad foreign audience that is accustomed to a high level of service and desires a seamless experience. In addition to these practical considerations, the price may vary depending on the day of the week and season, with or without breakfast, but it should always include these three basic elements.

Interested in a collaboration?

If you want to make your farm available on, send us an e-mail and we will get in touch! We will check whether we are a good match, have a chat, and help you get started with creating your page. Send an e-mail to [email protected] - we look forward to hearing from you!

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